As a communication and public relations double major with minors in business administration and journalism, I have always envisioned myself in a career that involves working with people while utilizing effective written and oral communication strategies. Since entering Monmouth College as a freshman in 2012, I knew the general course of study I wanted to pursue, but I did not foresee the expansive variety of opportunities I would encounter at Monmouth College.

Over the past four years, I have grown through a variety of experiences that have pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I enrolled in the TV workshop course simply to fulfill my graduation requirement, but after taking the workshop a couple times, I decided to join the MCTV staff. This was my first encounter with writing for the media, but the experience of working under time constraints and writing material to video footage actually secured my internship with a manufacturing plant in Human Resources last summer, as they were looking for an individual to assist with company videos as well as regular HR duties.

After gaining experience and confidence in media writing for the college television station, I began contributing articles weekly for the campus newspaper, The Courier. After writing periodically and working as the staff writer for one semester, I was named Editor-in-Chief for the 2015-2016 publication. While this role still required extensive media writing and layout technique, managerial skills prove to be the driving force to publishing a successful newspaper. I never expected the amount of people management that would be required in this position, but I have found this role to be one of the most rewarding during my college career.

As my time at Monmouth College comes to an end, I plan to put forth the skills and lessons I have learned during my college years in my future career. I aim to pursue a career which allows me the opportunity to utilize my managerial and communicative skills daily. Having completed two summer internships in Human Resources, one career option involves the continuation of this path. After taking multiple courses in management both at Monmouth College and at Perth College while studying abroad in Scotland, I am highly interested in pursuing a career in the management side of Human Resources.

I am also passionate about corporate communications. Working in a division of a global company attracted me to the idea of pursuing a career in this field as I got the opportunity to correspond with the corporate director of social media. I believe creating a buzz and reacting to media situations regarding my organization would be an exhilarating career path, as I would be able to apply skills learned through my departments daily.

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